1)Banting RM4.00/sqf... 
(2kaki x 5kaki x RM4.00 = RM40.00)

2)Banner RM3.50/sqf... 
(2kaki x 5kaki x RM3.50 = RM35.00)

3)Banting with x-stand
RM60.00 only..

4)Banting with Round Stand
RM120.00 only..
please email@call me a detail size,material and artwork..
~free design to u..~banting include a pvc pipe..
~banner include eyelet and rope..
~process design 1 to 3days and print 3days to 5days
after confirm a design

Tel@Sms : 0196847803 / 0133378963

banner program jejari bestari 6x3
banner plus 8x4
banner bulan akademik 8x4banner sewa tanah 2x3
banner sewa 2x3
banting shisha 2x5 + x-stand
banner "Kursus Asas Konstabel" 7x14
signboard "Ya'qub,Ayub & Co
singboard & menu makanan
reverse sticker with laminate gloss
signboard "Perwakilan Malaysia"
banner interforces - 12x7

banner retraet-4x3
banner family day-10x4
Banner International 10x4
Banner 2x3
banting makanan 2x5
banting makanan 2x5
banting 2x6 with x-stand
banner 10x4
banner 2x5
Banting burger 2x2
 Banner Bulan Patriotisme 6x4 

Banner Program Kraf Kreatif 4x7 & 6x3..thanks kak mun
Banting Western Food 2x6 with x-stand..Thanks Kak Sue
Banner 2x3-2pcs "Thanks Yana"

Banner Sauna 10x4-1pcs

Banner Futsal 8x4-1pcs..Thanks Abah

Banting Rakan Muda 2x5-1pcs..Thanks Marwan

Banner Rakan Muda 14x6-1pcs..Thanks Marwan

Banner Rukun Tetangga 6x3-1pcs..
Banner New Tribe 8x12-1pcs..Thanks Najib
baner azan&nasyid.(size:8x12)